Anti Slip Safety Coatings

TredMax® Anti-Slip Safety Coating

• Tough, Anti-Slip Safety Coating for Walkways •Sports Courts
• Driveways • Service Ramps • Pool Surrounds •Tennis Courts
• Uniform Textured Appearance • Fast Dry • Durable • Easy Application

Texture additives, like walnut shell, silica sand crushed glass create an uneven, textured surface. With Tredmax® you have perfectly round ceramic microspheres, which act as ball bearings during application. This prompts the texture in the coating to be evenly distributed across the surface. No more uneven streaking or clumps of texture! Once dried, TredMax® will provide you with the sure footing you require. TredMax® can be used for interior or exterior concrete, metal, wood or asphalt, to provide a durable, skid-resistant finish.

Apply to:
Patios • Wood Steps • Concrete Steps and Walkways • Service Ramps • Tennis Courts • High Traffic Areas or wherever traction is required. TredMax® has excellent abrasion resistance to heavy foot traffic and is very resistant to ponding water. TredMax® has exceptional color retention, even in bright sunlight.

Anti Slip Tennis Court
anti slip ramp

anti slip stairs    anti slip pool


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