Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended dilution rates for The Duke® all purpose cleaner and degreaser?
The Duke® must be cut with water to activate the formula.

  • For light cleaning: dilute (20 to 50) to 1
  • For general cleaning: dilute (10 to 20) to 1
  • For heavy cleaning: dilute (5 to 10) to 1
  • For extra heavy cleaning: dilute 3 to 1
  • Pressure washing: dilute 100 to 1
Is The Duke® safe around my pets and plants?

The Duke® concentrated all purpose cleaner and degreaser is bio-degradable and will not harm plants.Pets should be kept away from the area being cleaned until it is dry, to prevent ingestion of the solution.

What protective gear should I wear when using The Duke®?

It is recommended that you wear rubber gloves when using the product.

Is The Duke® safe to use on my vinyl sundeck?

Yes. The Duke® is specially designed to gently remove dirt and grime from vinyl deck surfaces with little or no scrubbing. And because it is miscible in water it requires less rinsing than granule cleaners.

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