how to use THE DUKE®

All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser


  • The Duke® concentrated all purpose cleaner and degreaser is more than your average cleaner.  It can be used year round and is ideally suited for cleaning inside the home as well as outside.
  • In addition to cleaning and degreasing sundecks, driveways, vinyl siding, railings, garden equipment and outdoor furniture it can be used indoors for spot removal on carpets and furniture, in the washing machine with hot water for grease and grime, in the bathroom or kitchen and to remove soot from fireplaces.
  • Use it as a pre-wash for walls before you paint, it is miscible in water and therefore requires less rinsing than granule cleaners. The Duke® mixed with warm water makes cleaning and degreasing your fiberglass boat a breeze and it can also be used in the bilge!
  • The Duke® concentrated all purpose cleaner and degreaser is bio-degradable, economical and has a pleasant clean odour.
  • The Duke® must be cut with water to activate the formula.
    • For light cleaning: dilute (20 to 50) to 1
    • For general cleaning: dilute (10 to 20) to 1
    • For heavy cleaning: dilute (5 to 10) to 1
    • For extra heavy cleaning: dilute 3 to 1
    • Pressure washing: dilute 100 to 1
  • I can honestly recommend Ducan products and by doing it myself saved nearly $5000.00 on a 450 square foot deck! Steve Anthony, Okanagan Falls, BCread more »