Material Requirements

Dek-Master Materials and Cost Calculator

We have provided you with a convenient materials calculator. All costs are average and may not be exactly as reflected by your local retailer. They do not include taxes or Eco Fees where applicable. The calculator can only estimate rectangular decks. If you have an 'L' shaped deck you will have to calculate the different areas separately and add the materials lists together.

Materials Calculator

Enter length and width of your deck to get a materials estimate:

Length: feet
Width: feet

Tools and Supplies Required for Installation

  • 9" short Nap Roller Sleeve (6 mil pile, suitable for enamel paints)
  • 9" Roller Frame
  • Wooden Extension Handle
  • 3" Bristle Brush (suitable for enamel paints)
  • 3" Putty Knife
  • Razor Knife
  • Dek-Master seam roller
  • Wax paper or plastic drop sheet (to prevent spilling)
  • 1" Masking tape (if overlap required)
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